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Path of Education and Connection with Nature

Our intent is to convey the extraordinary teachings that nature offers us, in a magical place where nature is the mother and makes its fruits available.

You will be able to participate in the planting and harvesting of our plants, see how we make our cheeses and honey, as well as spend fantastic days in the company of our animals.

In this offer, an experience of discovery, relaxation and lots of nature awaits you. Nothing is missing, just your desire to connect with everything around us!

raccolta di uova e insalata nella natura



Arrival at the hotel

Arrival and accommodation at our hotel, with the possibility of eating in our restaurant and tasting our typical local products.


Discover our plants

Gianni and Marina will guide you to discover our gardens. You can try your hand at sowing and harvesting, discovering the world of plants through concrete experience in the field. In the afternoon, they will also take you on a gentle walk in our surroundings in search of spontaneous herbs.


Trekking with goats

Guided by Serafino, of the Maso Guez company, you will venture into the ancient paths of our territory, grazing their nice goats like real shepherds.


Discovering our cheeses

The day will begin with a visit to the Malga Parisa, where the cheesemaker Alex will teach you his tricks for making cheese.

In the evening, accompanied by Paolo, our guide, you will go exploring the valley and the pastures that surround us. The itinerary will end with a dinner of typical products in Malga Prime Poste.


The Path of Water

In this route the water of the Astico stream will be the protagonist in all its magnificence. Small streams descend towards the plain forming fantastic waterfalls, which offer spectacular waterfalls. Accompanied by our guide Michele, it will be an unmissable itinerary.  


The magical world of bees

Queens of the hive and incredible producers, the Bees give us miraculous products such as honey, nectar, wax and much more. Our expert beekeeper Daniele will guide you to discover this magical world.

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